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hydraSense® transforms the pure, refreshing power of seawater into gentle comforting hydration. Every drop of seawater in our hydraSense products comes from the Bay of Saint-Malo, France, where powerful tides and currents constantly renew the seawater, creating a wealth of naturally occurring minerals. We then take this mineral-rich seawater, purify and desalinate it to isotonic levels for optimal nasal comfort.

As a result, hydraSense® is a high-quality product with all the benefits of one of the most powerful tides in the world.

Other saline nasal sprays on the market are made from purified water, sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate.


Tides in the Bay of Saint-Malo are one of the highest in Europe. The differential between low and high tide can have up to a 13-meter rise and fall differential, which creates powerful tidal streams that renew crystal clear waters, ensures oxygenation and promotes the bounty of minerals found in seawater.


hydraSense® nasal saline solutions offer a purified seawater solution that contain a combination of more than 70 minerals and trace elements found naturally in seawater.

There are two types of hydraSense® solutions available: isotonic and hypertonic. An isotonic solution contains a salt concentration equal to the salt concentration of 0.9% found in the human body, which is gentle enough to soothe hydrated nasal passages. The isotonic hydraSense® solutions include: Ultra-Gentle Nasal Mist, Gentle Nasal Mist and Nasal Care Single-Use Vials.

A hypertonic solution contains a salt concentration greater than the salt content in the human body. Created by desalinating 100% naturally sourced seawater until it reaches the appropriate saline concentration, the hypertonic hydraSense® solution which include: Eucalyptus Nasal Mist that contains the refreshing scents of eucalyptus and wild mint.

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