hydraSense® Nasal Sprays & Vials

Convenient and easy-to-use, our hydraSense® nasal sprays and vials require no solution mixing or water boiling. Simply place the nozzle on the bottle, and you’re set.

hydraSense® nasal sprays and vials ensure the perfect balance of naturally sourced salts and minerals, every time.

The hydraSense® detachable and washable nozzle helps effectively distribute the contents throughout the nasal passages.

hydraSense® also comes in individual Nasal Care Single-Use Vials. Their single-use disposable format makes them easy to carry around and use anywhere, at home or on the move. They're also a convenient alternative to the isotonic hydraSense® nasal sprays for family members who prefer nasal drops or are on the go.

hydraSense® DualCleanse Nasal Rinse Kit

The proprietary hydraSense® DualCleanse Nasal Rinse Kit offers two convenient irrigation methods for rinsing nasal passages in one bottle. This allows the user to select the most suitable option according to their comfort and experience level and/or needs.

hydraSense Nasal Salt Packet Refills (for use in the hydraSense® DualCleanse Nasal Rinse Kit) are specifically formulated to have a similar composition to the hydraSense® isotonic seawater solutions. These pre-measured salt packets are convenient and easy-to-use.

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